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CAMPING VERDELIS, Director : Stefanos Verdelis
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Yalassi, Palaia Epidavros 21509,  Peloponnese, Greece
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Epidavros, amidst the blue of the Saronic Gulf, well protected on its own smaller gulf of Epidavros, with the scent from the valley's orange blossoms meeting the sea breeze, with pine trees descending its slopes to offer their shade to its beautiful beaches, Epidavros, traditional yet modern, both tranquil and cosmopolitan, is always ready to welcome travellers whatever the season.

We are situated midway along the east coast of the Argolida district, easy to reach by road via Athens-Corinth Canal main highway or the scenic routes from Nafplion or Ermiono-Kranidi country roads or by sea aboard a ferry or Flying Dolphin from Piraeus.

Its sheltered location and natural surroundings, the beauty of the landscape and fertility of the soil, attracted not only men but also gods. It was here that Asklepios' most splendid sanctuary was situated. Here yet another important nucleus of ancient Greek civilization was created, a renowned sanctuary, to which the physically and mentally sick resorted for 1000 years to seek a cure, is situated amidst olive, pine and citrus trees and is surrounded by the sparkling blue sea. Today Epidavros awaits its visitors to alleviate their weary souls from the stress of everyday life.

The choice of Epidavros as the site where the main healing sanctuary of the God Asklepios was established was not a random one. The natural beauty and tranquillity of the place exerted, as it still does, a beneficial influence on every human being. In ancient times, numerous pilgrims arrived in the area mainly via the port of Epidavros, where hundreds of visitors from all over the world still arrive today, though not for therapeutic purposes but for cultural reasons. While in the past Epidavros was widely visited by those making a pilgrimage to the healing sanctuary, its visitors nowadays, should view their coming to this once venerated precinct as a tribute to culture and art. The famed festival of Epidavros was instituted in the 1950's thus, reviving ancient Greek drama and breathing life into the Small Theatre of Ancient Epidavros. The latter known as the" Shell of the Saronic", emerged out of silence six years ago with its musical festivals.

New Epidavros is also a symbol of the history of the Modern Greek State.

However Epidavros does not merely stand for ancient history, drama and culture, it is also a resort offering recreational holidays and an agricultural region. Agri-tourism reaches its peak during the agricultural summer bazaar that has been held in Ancient Epidavros since 1988. The hospitality, love and friendliness, which the local inhabitants show towards visitors, are one of the treasured memories people are left with.

The municipality is newly established and consists of the communities Ancient and New Epidavros, Dimena, Trachea and Koliaki, the total population is about 4,300 over an area of 160.700 sq KM, the Town Hall is based in Ancient Epidavros.

Categorized as an agriculture, cattle, fishing and Tourism area with the majority of visitors centring on Ancient and New Epidavros.